Anotações referentes à palestra realizada na Pós Graduação da ESPM SP em 02.06.08

· Digital content Will Double in the next 18 months
· The actual reality of the Brazilians consumers are a good opportunity for HP cause the Brazilians keep connected for a longer time
· Brazilians are receptive to interactivity, so as internet 2.0
· With the internet the agencies found a new way to announce the product with lower costs
· Credibility have been growing with internet 2.0
· With blogger and social communities companies, are getting used to work to lots of new informations of their consumers
· Costumer services are the new media
· Data have become very important for the marketing´s organizations
· With IT, companies can offer their customers services related with their products to aggregate value to their products. – ex. Johnson & Johnson´s put in their site a guide “how to raise your children”
· With HP Labs costumer can interact with company, and they can make a product designed from the consumer.
· With HP Labs, the sales increased cause they could develop a product that the consumer wanted
· The idea of HP is to get as much information as HP can, so it can build a CRM and BI to better understand it´s consumer
· 2% of energy today are direct to Data centers and it is growing and can get to 8%
· A tendency is all components don’t have a storage device, all gonna do through Datacenter
· Have a good work ethic
· Must understand statistics
· Must understand the digital spaces (web, social networking, blogs)
· How to use the proper information to this channel
· You must have the digital experience, cause this way is very different from the tradicional experience. You can´t take a tradicional experience and transform to a digital cause they just are different